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is always pleased to provide information on the Breed

Details of books which are available – the most definitive book on the Griffon was written by Miss Marjorie Cousens and published in 1960 but sadly this has been out of print for some years   although copies can sometimes be found at Shows or Car Boot sales.  In recent years there has been a book published by another well known breeder, the late Mrs. Doone Raynham,  which contains a lot of helpful tips and nice photographs – for information on availability please contact the Secretary.

Helpful advice on trimming your Griffon – the Griffon Bruxellois Club produces a booklet which gives advice and helpful tips on keeping your rough Griffon looking smart and trim.  Originally for the non-exhibitors who wanted to keep their pets looking well ordered nonetheless the information contained is useful as a basic guide for the new exhibitor.  These are available at Club events or by post from the Secretary.

Tips on Writing Critiques – this booklet contains helpful tips for aspirant judges on writing critiques.

Exploring the Standard – here an attempt is made to extend the breed standard with helpful tips and comments from experienced Championship Show Judges.

Application for membership forms  – applications for membership of the Club are welcomed from anyone who has the interests of our delightful breed at heart; an  application form may be obtained from the Secretary.   All applications must be Proposed and Seconded by members of the Club;  these will then be placed before the Committee at the next meeting and the result of the application will be notified as soon after as possible. Two copies of the Club’s Code of Ethics will be provided and one signed copy should be returned to the Secretary with the form. A membership fee is payable.

Judges Lists – in line with the Kennel Club requirements all Judges Lists are reviewed annually by a Committee of long established Championship Show Judges.   Copies are despatched to all Championship Show and Open Show Secretaries but are also published in the Club Bulletin annually together with the criteria for placement on the Lists.

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