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(Founded 1897)


 The Judging Lists Sub-Committee of the above Club have considered ways to help our Judges on the “B “ and “C” Lists, to gain experience and appointments, particularly where just a few more classes or dogs would elevate them to a higher List, also to help Societies to gain better entries.  Listed below are one or two suggestions.

v      We have expanded the information normally given on our Lists to include the other breeds which the Judges are connected with.

v      Upon request to the Secretary, a Club Rosette for Best of Breed will be available when a Judge is selected from our “B” and “C” Lists.

v      If your Society would like to give the Secretary the date of Show, close of entry date, classes provided (remembering that “C” List Judges can only do three classes) and the name of the Judge selected as soon as these are known, where possible notice will be placed in the Club Bulletin (which is published three times a year).

v      If you would care to send one or two schedules as soon as they are printed to the Secretary, she will endeavour to pass on relevant information to exhibitors in the area.

v      If you advise that the Show is advertised in the Dog Press information can be passed to the Breed Correspondents for inclusion in their notes (the Editors of the dog papers will not include any information in the notes if there is no advertisement from the Society).


If you have any suggestions which you feel might help your entries etc. please contact me.


Maria Oliver, (Hon. Secretary) Tel:020 8660 0969

e-mail: birchend@btopenworld.com

website: www.griffonclub1897.co.uk

‘B’ List – Specialist

This list contains Judges approved by the Club but is not necessarily an entire list of Judges for the Breed

Mrs. C. Alcock Coventry 02476 769532 Bolognese,Havanese,Poodles Bichon
Mrs. D.Barney W.Mids 01922 447330 4 Brds in Gundog Grp (Spans)
Mrs. S. Burr Gwent 01495 718343
Mrs. K.Burt W.Mids 01564 778286
Mr. C.Gullon Nth.Yorks 01677 425243 Pugs,Min Pins,Paps,Affens,Jap Chins,Cockers, Am.C, Field,Clumber,Brittany
Mrs.A.Harkus Surrey 01342 832291 Cockers
Mrs.J.Jolley Beds 01234 854367 Pekes,Min Pins, Chis Jap.Chins,S.Chis
Miss J.Kearney Sussex 01903 506435
Mr. Jan Den Otter Holland +31.765.219.852
Mr. L. Price Gwent
Miss M. Swinge Essex 020 8220 5886 Otter Hnds,Rotts,Pugs
Mr. I.Thompson Co.Antrim N.I 0574 273103 CKCS, all Toys

“B” List – Non-Specialist

This list contains Judges approved by the Club but is not necessarily an entire list of Judges for the Breed.  These large dogs are beautiful representatives of the canine family. If you want to get your own, win big at a casino that accepts Neteller Australia.
In line with Kennel Club recommendations this list also contains Judges who have previously been approved to Judge the Toy Group (19 breeds) at General Championship Shows (MARKED WITH *) but who do not award CCs in Griffons

NAME LOCATION TELEPHONE NO.                        OTHER BREEDSOPEN                            CHAMPIONSHIP
*Mr. G. Baxter Fife 01383 724368
*Mrs. V.Blore Liverpool 0151 525 6470
*Mr.Brampton Hants 02380 485673
*Mr. G. Corish Preston 01772 612939
*Mrs.N.Davison Lancs 01253 824368
*Mr.M.Freeman Notts 01623 747006
*Miss J.Lanning Hants 01794 388507
*Mrs.R.Morgan Chester 01244 660512
*Mrs.A.Oliver Bristol
*Mr.J.Simpson N.Yorks 01977 662533
*Mrs.M.Spavin W.Mids 0121 782 2639
*Mrs.B.Taylor Peterborough 01733 240234


“C” List – Specialist

This List contains aspirant Judges who have shown an interest in the breed and have the support of the Club




Mr. M.Bevan Glos 01549 833352 Labs, GSPs It. Spin
Mr. J. Bleeker Holland +31.765.219.852
Mrs.M.Buchanan Ayrshire 01294 461741
Mr. C. Cray Bath 01761 434550 W.Grp/Pastoral, Boxers
Rev. A.Fairchild Sussex 01444 232285 Shih Tzu,Chis Maltese
Mrs.J.Harris W-S-Mare 019934 812560 Boxers
Mr.S.Harrison Liverpool 0151 284 2781 Boxers
Mrs.J.Littmoden Cambs 01945 65661 Phar.Hnds, Dachs
Mrs. J.Martyn Hants 01794 388958
Mrs.B.Newitt W.Mids 0121 743 1996 All Poodles
Mrs.C.Ritchie Hants 01256 764810 Yorkies,Chis
Rev. S. Rose Doncaster 01709 867761
Mr. J.Swinge Essex 020 8220 5886 Rotts Otter Hnds
Mrs. Wheeler Surrey 019323 51312


“C” List – Non Specialist




Mrs. G.J.Lilley W.Sussex 01403 822222 Tib.Spans,CKCS, Shih Tzu, Tib.Terr, L.Apsos,KCS, Shar Pei
Mr.S.Plane Durham 0191 5822200 Scotties,Skipperkes
Mrs. A.Teasdale Surrey 01932 847679 AVWork.,Pastoral,Toys,Grps, AVNSC.Rare Breeds & Imp Reg. O & Ch. level Beardies, Affenpinschers

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